…..a fuel injected state of infinite bliss, the open road, it’s not just your motorcycle, it’s your symbol of self-expression.
Every Biker has a dream (an unwritten rule) covering hundreds of kilometers from deserts to snowlines, from ocean fronts to mountain passes, with thousands of Bikers sharing the dream. From the frenzied celebrants of the RD350’s of old, to the fanatic aficionados who swear by the iconic lines and brute force of the Indian Bullet - these are Bikers who have risen from the streets. We share your dream, you clock the kilometers, we’ll help you keep the dream alive, craft memories and shape friendships.
As the newest addition to your rumble down depots we make our intentions clear right from the start – “we’re here only to fuel your drive”.
We’ll spruce your chrome while we pump your vitals with gourmet delicacies inspired by bikers & their muse, the Road.
Choose your bite from our ‘Single Cylinder Tune Up’ or the ‘V-Twin Power’ or just decant your adrenaline into ‘The Terminator Connection’.
The bigger the better, the more the meatier, we understand your language.
At Bikers Café it’s always about good food, great roads and bikes.
And as the ceremony comes to a close & we’ve tanked you up, we realize that nothing compares to the simple pleasure of firing up that engine and riding into the sunset.
This is the premise of our journey together, 'the road is waiting'. Like the man said …